SFW Institute

We are

an academic plattform whose objective is to promote knowledge of quality Spanish wine.

Created by the Araex Grands Foundation in January 2014, the Spanish Fine Wines Institute aims to become an entity for meeting, reflection and dissemination around wine, which affects the economic, social, industrial and technological aspects inherent to this activity.

OUR MISSION is to disseminate the culture of quality Spanish wine.

  • Promote and spread the culture of quality Spanish wine.
  • Offer wine courses and tastings under regulated and accredited training on Spanish wine.
  • Promote internationally the consumption of Spanish wine.
  • Bring together different areas of interest in the wine sector.
Presence of the SFW Institute in + 70 countries
+ than 3,000 professional visits to wineries
+ 5000 professionals trained by SFW Institute
+ 1,000 training tastings

Why to choose SFW Institute to increase your knowledge about Spanish Fine Wines?

SFW Experiencia formativa

Training experience

Spanish Fine Wines Institute arises after more than 20 years promoting the culture of quality Spanish wine. An academic instrument to promote reflection and dissemination around this sector.

Quality content

Institute supports and disseminates the wine tradition as well as contributing to research for the development of this industry; through a training with three progressive academic levels in which the students will acquire regulated and certified training to increase their professional skills.


the SFW Institute offers the possibility of training both face-to-face and on line. Choose the option that best suits your personal needs.